Friday, August 22, 2008

Boxing: Egan Goes for Gold

As early as 30 seconds into the first round, you sensed that Kenny Egan, competing in the light heavyweight semi-finals of the Olympic Games, was going to do it.
His rival Tony Jeffries (Gbr) already looked uncomfortable. As the fight went on, it was clear that he had no answer to the Neilstown man’s clinical execution of uppercuts and punches, which ensued that the points mounted up in his favour.
In the third round, trailing 1-7, Jeffries made a desperate effort to hustle Egan and this didn’t work.
“He’s boxing out of his socks and that wouldn’t be hard because he’s wearing very small socks!” shouted an excited Jimmy Magee as Egan continued to dominate.
In the end it was 10-3 and a magnificent victory for Egan, who has scored 44 points and had only seven against him in 32 minutes of boxing during this tournament.
He now has at least a silver medal and will fight Xiaoping Zhang of China in Sunday’s Final (9.50am our time) for the Olympic title.
Quote of the Day: “The matador will always beat the bull – and Kenny’s the matador.” Ger Fleming, Neilstown Boxing Club.

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