Monday, August 11, 2008

Canoeing: Eoin Squeaks Through

Ah Eoin! What did you put us through?
At the moment of writing, Eoin Rheinisch has just squeaked into the semi-finals of the K1 slalom canoeing - but the Americans may yet appeal a 50 sec penalty handed down to Scott Parsons.
After a sluggish first run of 88.52 secs which left him 18th, Eoin attacked on the second run, avoided getting caught in stoppers, and found a good line through the gates. It still looked all over when his paddle touched one of the poles close to the finish. His hands on his head after the finish told it all, although his time of 85 seconds was three seconds faster than his earlier run.
Now his only hope was that one of the big names would screw up - and Parsons did; judged to have come at an upstream gate the wrong way after he approached it too impetuously and then attempted to dip his head under the swinging pole. Catastrophe for him; reprieve for our man.
Still, I won't really believe it until I see Eoin sitting in his boat at the top of the course tomorrow. He will be first off and he knows he has to paddle the race of his life if he is to go faster than five others and make the final cut of ten.
Go Eoin!

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