Friday, August 22, 2008

Equestrian: What a Dope

Much as we would love it to be otherwise, it doesn’t look good for Denis Lynch.
An Irish Times reader points out the following:
From the FEI list of prohibited substances:
PROHIBITED SUBSTANCES (MEDICATION CLASS A) Agents which could influence performance by relieving pain, sedating, stimulating or producing/modifying other physiological or behavioural effects, including: local anaesthetics;....
From the site of Equi-Block's main distributors "The Original Equi-Block, Equi-Block DT Formula and Super Strength Equi-Tite Liniment are the absolute best Topical Pain Relievers on the market. These products are specifically formulated to provide unparalleled results in the field of equine topical pain relief while providing the greatest amount of pain reduction possible.” So it's dodgy to start with.
And what about the packaging: "Contains capsaicin, will not test positive". In other words, it may well be illegal, but it won’t show up in a test. Many borderline body-building products advertised themselves in similar fashion before one too many positive tests.
Finally, if the testing has become more rigorous, why did no-one tell Denis?

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