Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Paralympics: Day 3

Day 3 Result
Sean Heary, qualified 1/16 elimination phase.

Patrice Dockery T53, 400m r1, 5th, 1:8.95.

Gabriel Shelly BC1 semi-final, lost A Marques (Por) 1-4; bronze medal play-off, bt Yi Wang (Chn) 6-2. BRONZE.

Catherine Walsh (with Joanna Hickey) BVI (1-3), ind pursuit qual, 5th, 3:50.515 (IR).
Enda Smyth CP4, 1km TT final, 7th, 1:16.074.
Cathal Miller LC1, 1km TT final, 7th, 1:11.824 (IR)

Scud 18 (Amy Kelehan and John Twomey), race 3, 10th; race 4, 10th; race 5 10th; 10th overall.
Sonar (Paul McCarthy, Paul Ryan and Richard Whealey), race 3, 12th; race 4 13th; race 5, 11th; 11th overall.

Jonathan Cummings S6, 100m BS, 5th, 1:29.92; final, 8th 1:29.26 (IR).
Stephen Campbell S11, 100m bfly, 5th, 1:16.28 (IR); 10th overall.
Ellen Keane SB8, brs, 2nd 1:27.61 (IR); final, 6th, 1:29.72 (IR)

Table tennis
Kathleen Reynolds F3, lost H Choi (Kor)1-3; lost Y Silva (Cub) 2-3.

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