Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Irish Results - Day 4

Day 4, Tuesday July 31
Badminton: Women's singles - Chloe Magee lost to Hongyan Pi (FRA) (16)21-16, 18-21,14-21.
Boxing: Men's flyweight 49kg, round of 32, Paddy Barnes bye to last 16. 
Equestrian:  Eventing  - Day 4, jumping, Irish team: Aoife Clarke (Master Crusoe), Mark Kyle (Coolio) Joseph Murphy (Electric Cruise), 5th overall. Individual: 7 Clarke  52.52; 14 Murphy; 21 Kyle.
Rowing - Women - Single sculls QF2, Sanita Puspure, 4th (to C/D SF) . For Team GB: Men - lightweight four (Peter and Richard Chambers), SF 1, 1st 5:59.68.   Singles sculls QF2, 1 Alan Campbell 6:52.10. 
Sailing: Men - Star,  Peter O'Leary, David Burrows, Race 5 11th, Race 6 11th; 9th overall . 49er,  Ryan Seaton,  Matt McGovern, Race 3, 15th, Race 4, 2nd; 6th overall. Laser, James Espey, Race 3 39th, Race 4 26th; 40th overal. Women - Laser Radial, Annalise Murphy, Race 3 1st, Race 4, 1st; 1st overall. 

Monday, July 30, 2012

Irish Results - Day 3

Day 3, Monday July 30
Badminton: Men's singles - Scott Evans lost to Lin Dan (CHN) (2) 8-21, 14-21.
Boxing: Men's fly 52kg, Michael Conlon, bye to last 16.
Canoeing (slalom): Women's K1  heats, Hannah Craig, Run 1, 117.09;  Run 2, 108.99; 14th and Q for SF.
Equestrian:  Eventing  - Day 3, cross-country. Irish team: 21st Aoife Clarke (Master Crusoe) 52.50,  29th Joseph Murphy (Electric Cruise) 60.40, 35th , Mark Kyle (Coolio), 65.90.   Michael Ryan (Ballylynch Adventure) and Camilla Speirs (Portersize Just a Jiff), elim. Team - 8th.
Sailing: Men - Star,  Peter O'Leary, David Burrows, Race 3, 14th, Race 4, 5th; 5th overall.  49er,  Ryan Seaton ,  Matt McGovern, Race 1, 4th, Race 2, 8th; 6th overall. Laser, James Espey, Race 1, 38th, Race 2, 44th; 42nd overall. Women - Laser Radial, Annalise Murphy, Race 1, 1st, Race 2 1; 1st overall. .00. 
Swimming:  Women - 200m IM, Sycerika McMahon, Ht 2, 3rd, 2:14.76; 22nd overall.  

Sunday, July 29, 2012

Irish in Action London 2012

Day 15 - Saturday August 15
Athletics: Men - 50km walk, Rob Heffernan, Brendan Boyce,  Colin Griffin, 9.00. Women - 20km walk, Laura Reynolds, Olive Loughnane, 17.00. 4x400m final, Irish team?, 20.25
Boxing: Men - Bantam 56kg final, John Joe Nevin v Luke Campbell (GB) 20.45. 
Canoeing (sprint): Men - C1 200m B final, Andrej Jezierski, 9.47.
Modern Pentathlon: Men's final, Arthur Lanigan O'Keeffe (fencing 8.45, swimming 1.20, riding 15.20.45, combined shoot/run 18.45).

Day 16 - Sunday August 16
Athletics: Men - marathon, Mark Kenneally, 11.00.
Boxing: Men - fly 52kg final, Michael Conlan?, 13.30.
Modern Pentathlon: women's final,  Natalya Coyle ( fencing 8.00, swimming 12.35, riding 14.35, combined shoot/run 18.00).

Irish Results - Day 2

Sunday July 29
Badminton: Women's singles - Chloe Magee bt  Hadia Hosny (EGY) 21-17, 21-6 (28 mins). 

Boxing:  Men - welter 69kg, rd of 32,  Adam Nolan bt Carlos Sanchez Estacio (Ecu), 14-8 (6-3, 5-3, 3-2). Fights Andrey Zamkovoy (Rus), last 16, Fri Aug 3, 21.45. 

Canoeing (slalom): Men's K1 heats,  Eoin Rheinisch- Ht 1, 6th,  89.97. Ht 2. 11, 90.72. Overall: 12th fastest time  (+6.48); Q for SF Wed Aug 1.

Equestrian:  Eventing  - After Day 2, dressage. =27 Camilla Speirs (Portersize Just a Jiff),  47.60, 32 Aoife Clark  (Master Crusoe)  48.90,  53 Joseph Murphy (Electric Cruise)  55.60;  61 Mark Kyle (Coolio) 58.70,   64 Michael Ryan (Ballylynch Adventure) 60.20.  Teams (best three results) :  1 Germany 119.10, 2 Australia 122.10, 3 GB 127.00….10 Ireland 152.10. 

Sailing: Men's Star, Peter O'Leary, David Burrows. Race 1, 2nd (+0.32),  24.42. Race 2, 6th (+0.52).  Ireland lie 2nd behind Brazil with 8 pts.

Swimming: Women - 100m breaststroke, Sycerika McMahon; ht 4,  8th, 1:08.80 (+3.24); 26th overall. 100m backstroke, Melanie Nocher; ht 2,  3rd, 1:02.44 (+.84); 33rd overall. 400m freestyle, Grainne Murphy; Ht 4, 8th, 4:19.07 (+15.51).

Saturday, July 28, 2012

Irish Results - Day 1

Day 1: Saturday July 28

Boxing: Men - Bantam 56kg, rd of 32, John Joe Nevin bt Dennis Villy Ceylan (Den) 21 (5,8,8)-6 (2,2,2); fights Kanat Abutalipov (Kaz) last 16 on Wed Aug 1.   Middle 75kg, rd of 32, Darren O'Neill bt Dennis Villy Ceylan (Den),  15 (4,8,3)-6 (3,2,1); fights Stefan Hartel (Ger) last 16 on Thu Aug 2.  

Cycling: Road race  (110 finishers)– 1 Alexandr Vinokurov (Kaz) 5 hrs 45 mins 57 secs. Irish:  55 David McCann 5:46.37; 89 Nicholas Roche 5:46.37; 90 Damien Martin 5:46.37. 

Equestrian: Eventing  - Day 1, dressage (37 results): 1 I Klimke (Ger), Butt’s Abraxxas 39.30 pen pts. Irish: 12  Aoife Clarke (Master Crusoe)  48.90; 22 Joseph Murphy (Electric Cruise)  55.50; 30  Michael Ryan (Ballylynch Adventure) 60.20. Teams - 1 Australia 133.20; 2 Germany 137.60; 3 USA 150.90; 4 Begium 152.00; 5 Irealnd 164.70. 

Gymnastics: Men's Individual - Floor: 33 Kieran Behan 13.966 (diff 6.400; exec 7.566).  

Judo: Women's 48kg - Rd of 32: Lisa Kearney lost to Shugen Wu (CHN), ippon.

Rowing: Women's single sculls Ht 1:  3  Sanita Puspure, 7:49.35 ( Q QF).  For Team GB: Men - Singles sculls Ht 5: 1 Alan Campbell 6:47.62 (Q QF). Lightweight 4 Ht 2: 1 Peter and Richard Chambers 5:49.29 (Q SF).

Swimming: Men's 100m breaststroke Ht 4: 8  Barry Murphy 1:01.57.

Friday, July 27, 2012

Six Northern Irish Make Team GB

Na Lui
Wendy Houvenaghel, track (team pursuit)

Iain Lewers

Alan Campbell, single scull
Peter Chambers, lightweight four
Richard Chambers, lightweight four

Na Lui, women’s team


Note: Northern Irish competing for Ireland: 

Paddy Barnes, 49kg
Michael Conlan, 52kg

CANOEING (slalom)
Hannah Craig, K1

Track: Martyn Irvine, omnium
Road race and TT: David McCann

Lisa Kearney,  48Kg

Ryan Seaton, Matt McGovern, 49er
James Espey,  Laser

Sycerika McMahon, 100m breaststroke
Melanie Nocher, 200m backstroke, 100m backstroke

Aileen Morrison
Gavin Noble

Boxing Draw

John Joe Nevin
Sat Jul 28Last 32
56kg/Bantamweight –  John Joe Nevin bt Dennis Villy Ceylan (Den).
75kg/Middleweight – Darren O’Neill  bt Muideen Olalekan Akanji (Nigeria)

Sun July 29 Last 32
69kg/ Welterweight –  Adam Nolan  bt Carlos Sanchez Estacio (Ecu), 14-8.

Wed Aug 1 - Last 16
Bantam/56kg -   John Joe Nevin bt Kanat Abutalipov (Kaz).

Thurs August 2  - Last 16
75kg/Middleweight – Darren O’Neill lost to Stefan Hartel (Ger).

Fri Aug 3 Last 16

51kg/ Flyweight – Michael Conlan bt Duke Akueth Micah (Gha).
69kg/Welterweight,  Adam Nolan lost to Andrej Zamkovoy (Rus), 9-18. 

Sat Aug 4Last 16

49kg/Lt-flyweight – Paddy Barnes bt  Thomas Essomba (Cam) 15-10

Sun Aug 5 - QF 
Bantam/56kg -   John Joe Nevin  bt Oscar Valdez Fierro (Mex), 19-13.

Tue Aug 7 - QF 
Fly/ 52kg  -  Michael Conlan bt Nordine Oubbaali (Fra), 22-18 .  

Wed Aug 8 - QF 
Lt fly/49kg - Paddy Barnes bt Devendro Singh Laishram (Ind) 23-18 

Fri Aug 10- SF
Lt fly/49kg -   Paddy Barnes lost to  Shiming Zou (CHN) (1) 15-15 (5-8, 3-3, 7-4; 45-44 on countback). Bantam/56kg   John Joe Nevin bt Lazare Alvarez Estrada (CUB) (1) 19-14 (5-3,7-6,7-5).  
Fly/ 52kg  - Michael Conlan v Robeisy Ramirez Carrazana (Cub) 20.45

Sat Aug 11 - Finals
Bantam/56kg -  John Joe Nevin  v Luke Campbell (GB) 20.45.

Sun Aug 12  - Final
 Fly/ 52kg - ?-  Michael Conlan


Mon Aug 6 –  QF
60kg/Lightweight – Katie Taylor bt  Natasha Jonas (GBR) 26-15.
Wed Aug 8 - SF 
60kg/Lightwight - Katie Taylor bt Mavzuna Chorieva (Tajikistan) 7-9.
Thu Aug 9- Final
60kg/Lightwight - Katie Taylor bt Sofya Ochigava (Rus) 10-8.

Irish at London 2012 - First Two Days

Day 1: Saturday July 28
Boxing: Men - Bantam 56kg, rd of 32, John Joe Nevin v Dennis Villy Ceylan (Den);  1.30pm session.  Middle 75kg, rd of 32, Darren O'Neil v Dennis Villy Ceylan (Den), 1.30pm session.  
Cycling: Road race. Irish team - Daniel Martin, Nicholas Roche, David McCann, 10am.
Equestrian: Eventing  - Day 1, dressage. Irish times: Michael Ryan (Ballylynch Adventure), 10.32am; Aoife Clarke (Master Crusoe) 12.54pm;  Joseph Murphy (Electric Cruise) 4.04pm. 
Judo (9.30am): Women's 48kg - Rd of 32: Lisa Kearney v Shugen Wu (CHN);   SF, 2pm; final 4pm. 
Rowing: Women's single sculls, Sanita Puspure, 1.30pm.
Swimming: Men's 100m breaststroke, Barry Murphy;  heats 11.52.

Day 2: Sunday July 29
Eoin Rheinisch
Badminton: Women's singles - Chloe Magee v Hadia Hosny (EGY) 8.17 pm.
Boxing:  Men - welter 69kg, rd of 32,  Adam Nolan v Carlos Sanchez Estacio (Ecu), 10.15pm. 
Canoeing (slalom): Men's K1 heats, Eoin Rheinisch, 2.24pm.
Equestrian:  Eventing  - Day 2, dressage. Camilla Speirs (Portersize Just a Jiff), 11.52am; Mark Kyle (Coolio) 3.10pm.
Sailing: Men's Star, Races 1,2,  Peter O'Leary, David Burrows,  1.35 and 2.50pm. .
Swimming: Women - 100m breaststroke, Sycerika McMahon; heat 4, lane 8, 10.51am; SF 7.37pm. 100m backstroke, Melanie Nocher, heat 2, lane 4, 10am; SF 8.44pm. 400m freestyle, Grainne Murphy, heat 4, lane 8, 11.23am; final 20.15.

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Caitriona Cuddihy Wins Appeal

Catriona Cuddihy has won her appeal against her de-selection from the Ireland women's 4 x 400m relay team forLondon 2012.
Cuddihy, aged 25, was initially named in a six-strong squad for the Games ahead of 19-year-old Joanna Mills, whose season's best time was faster than Cuddihy's, leading to Mills successfully appealing the decision.
However, Cuddihy's original selection was based on a number of different criteria, including experience at major championships, and her appeal was upheld by an Athletics Ireland Appeal Panel in Dublin.
Mills could still take the case to the Court of Arbitration for Sport (CAS) and with her coach Ian Neely will release a statement in response to the ruling later.

Late Call-Up for Lanigan O'Keeffe

Ireland’s Arthur Lanigan-O’Keeffe has got a last minute call up for the modern pentathlon at London 2012 after Poland wa sforced to withdraw its competitor  Lukaz Klekot following a positive test for the  banned substance melhylhexaneemine.
It means that Lanigan-O'Keeffe, a 20-year-old sports scholarship student at UCD, will join Natalya Coyle on the Irish modern pentathlon team.
After placing 20th at the World Cup in Brazil and 24th at the World Cup in China, the Kilkenny athlete had narrowly missed out on qualification.

Monday, July 23, 2012

Mixed fortunes in London 2012 badminton draw.

Irish men’s No 1 Scott Evans has drawn reigning world and Olympic champion Lin Dan of China for his opening group match  in the men’s badminton singles, at London 2012.

The  draw could not have been tougher for  Evans, world ranked No  76. Lin, although seeded second to Malaysia's Lee Chong Wei for the tournament,  is widely regarded as the greatest player of all time.  Evans has played Li many times,  most notably in the second round of last year’s World Championships at Wembley, where he put up a good fight.

Chloe Magee, world No 44,  has had a much kinder draw in a group of three. The toughest of her two opponants is 33-year-old Pi Hongyan of France, a quarter-finalist at Beijing in 2008, now world ranked 25.
The pair met in the quarter finals of the Yonex Irish Open in Lisburn last December with Pi only winning after three hard-fought sets.
The other player in the group is Egypt’s Hadia Hosny, world ranked 113 and African No 1. Magee had the chance of analysing the Egyptian's  play at a Pre-Games camp held in the  National Training Centre in Dublin; the pair face each other on Sunday.

Only the winners of the 16 groups in the singles competitions, some with two players and some with three,  will go through to the knockout stages of the competition.

Irish Schedule (revised)  -

Sunday 29 July:  Chloe Magee v Hadia Hosny (EGY) 8.17pm

Monday 30th July: Scott Evans v Lin Dan (CHN) (2) 2.15pm

Tuesday 31 July Chloe Magee v Hongyan Pi (FRA) (16) 2.17pm.

Sunday, July 22, 2012

Beatrice Hill Lowe - Ireland's First Female Olympian

Inspired by Sean Diffley's column in the Irish Independent, 21 July 2012
Beatrice Geraldine Hill-Lowe from Ardee, Co Louth,  Ireland's first female Olympian, took a bronze medal for archery at the 1908 London Olympic. 
At the time, archery was the only sporting event open to women because women were only allowed to compete in a sport while fully clothed. Hill-Lowe finished third  with 618 points, 70 points behind  the gold medal winner, Queenie Newall, from Bolton in England and the great all-rounder Lottie Dod, who was second. All 25 competitors in the "Double National Round" - 48 arrows shot at 60 yards, followed by 24 arrows shot at 50 yards on each of the two days - were from Britain or Ireland.   

Lottie Dod took the lead on the first day (Friday 17 July 1908) with a score of 348 points and 66 hits, with Queenie Newall ten points behind on 338 despite hitting the same number of targets. Nobody else was close. The next day, Newall performed well, scoring 350 points, while Hill-Lowe had climbed into second place with 343 points. Dod's challenge for gold  collapsed when she could only manage a score of  294.
Sybil Fenton "Queenie" Newall's victory makes her the oldest woman to win an Olympic medal - she was four months short of her 54th birthday during the competition.  Newall won the British championship in archery in both 1911 and 1912 but she was far from the top female shooter of the era. That honor falls to Alice Legh, the greatest British archer ever, who won 23 national championships between 1886 and 1922. Legh elected not to compete at the Olympic event, which she would almost certainly have won. The following week at Oxford, she defeated Newall by 151 points.
The runner-up, Lottie Dod,  sister of the men's 1908 Olympic champion William Dod, never won a British title in archery, but is probably the greatest all-around British sportswoman ever. She remains the youngest ever champion at Wimbledon, having won the ladies' singles in 1887 aged only 15.  
That was the first of five Wimbledon singles' titles before she retired from tennis and turned to other sports in 1893. She played hockey for England in 1899-1900 and, in golf, won the British Ladies' Amateur Championship in 1904, after reaching the semi-finals in 1898 and 1899.

Beatrice Hill-Lowe (nee Ruxton),  the middle child in a family of eight, was born in Ardee House on 1 January 1868.  Her father,  named as a 'gentleman and justice of the peace' was involved in administration for the county of Cavan.
"It is not clear how or why Beatrice Ruxton got involved in archery, but she was aged 40 and married when she won her bronze at the White City Stadium in 1908," says Sean Diffley.
"Her husband was the magnificently-named Commander Arthur Hill Ommanney Peter Hill-Lowe and served in the Royal Navy. He died in Shropshire just two years after Beatrice had competed in the Olympics." It had been a second marriage for Hill-Lowe, who died on 17 April 1910; the couple had married on 15 July 1891 when Beatrice was 23. 
"Some time later Beatrice got married again. Her new husband was named Thompson and they lived in Pembrokeshire, where our bronze medallist died in 1951 aged 83."

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

O'Connor Replaces Lynch; Sweetnam is reserve

Cian O'Connor riding Blue Loyd will take the place of Denis Lynch on the Irish equestrian team for London 2012.
He joins Billy Twomey, one of the two individual showjumpers originally selected. 
The pair begin their competition at  Greenwich, London,  on August 5.

* Names as first reserve to the pair is Florida-based Shane Sweetnam and Amaretto Darco.  Sweetnam, from Cork, has been a regular member of Ireland's Nations' Cup teams over the last two years. With Spy Coast Farm's stallion Amaretto Darco he has had notable successes on both the European and American circuits.

Sunday, July 8, 2012

Lynch Out of Team

Denis Lynch is out of the Irish team for London 2012 with Horse Sport Ireland expected to make an announcement on his replacement later today.

Denis Lynch's position on the Irish showjumping team for London 2012 was in limbo  after his horse Lantinus was examined at the Aachen Grand Prix last Friday morning and found to be hypersensitive on his left forelimb and hind limbs and disqualified from further competition.
Lantinus had competed for Ireland in the Nations’ Cup the previous evening, where Ireland finished third. 
Horse Sport Ireland then  asked the Olympic Council of Ireland to hold off on ratifying Lynch for the London 2012 team, although Lynch took take part in Sunday's Grand Prix at Aachen on a different horse, finishing 13th.
Whether or not the 15-year-old bay gelding’s condition was naturally occurring was then subject to an inquiry. While horses’ limbs can become hypersensitive or painful naturally, hypersensitisation can also be produced artificially and, in theory, will make a horse jump better.
Lynch protested his innocence. "At no stage was there any inference that the hypersensitivity was anything other than natural occurring. I feel this is very important to clarify and I would also like to state for the record that I fully support all measures regarding hypersensitivity implemented by the FEI," he said in a statement.
In the statement Germany-based Lynch stressed both his innocence and his support for the measures regarding hypersensitivity implemented by the FEI.
“At no stage, was there any inference that the hypersensitivity was anything other than natural occurring. I feel this is very important to clarify and I would also like to state for the record that I fully support all measures regarding hypersensitivity implemented by the FEI.”
When Lantinus was examined two hours before competing in Thursday’s Nations’ Cup, a small wound on the near fore leg and an abrasion on the off hind leg were identified but were not associated with any hypersensitivity or abnormalities in the thermographic examination. "We were satisfied, therefore, for Lantinus to compete in the Nations Cup,” said Lynch.
On re-examination after competing in Thursday’s two rounds, when the horse lowered three fences, and again on Friday morning,  these areas of sensitivity had increased. The horse “was now considered hypersensitive within Annex XI of FEI Veterinary Regulations” and on this advice, Lantinus was disqualified by the attending FEI vets.
Lynch insisted that his only concern was for the welfare of his horse and since he had never intended to ride Lantinus in anything other than the Nations’ Cup, he did not make an appeal against this decision.
Riding his Olympic mount Abbervail van het Dingeshof, Lynch finished 13th of 39 in yesterday’s Grand Prix at Aachen - an event he won in 2009 riding Lantinus, at one time considered the best showjumping horse in the world. 
At  the 2008 Olympics in Beijing, Lantinus was disqualified from the final round of jumping after testing positive for
--> capsaicin,  a prohibited substance.
Lynch said he had been innocently using a cream containing capsaicin on Lantinus’s back to warm his muscles and the FEI subsequently determined it as a medication, not a doping, offence. However,  the FEI noted that capsaicin, derived from peppers, "is not only a pain-relieving substance, but also an agent that can be used for hypersensitisation purposes".
In the  past 12 months, three of Lynch's horses have failed tests for hypersensitivity;  All Inclusive NRW failed at the Global Champions’ Tour in Rio de Janerio in September, Lord Luis  at Aachen last year and now Lantinus at Aachen this year. 
Ironically, the man tipped to take Lynch's place is Cian O’Connor, who produced clear rounds on Blue Lloyd at the Nations Cups in both Rotterdam and Aachen.  In 2004, at the Athens Olympics, O’Connor  had to return the gold medal he had won when his horse Waterford Crystal tested positive for banned substances. Also in contention are Dermott Lennon and Shane Sweetnam.

* Various substances can be applied to horses’ legs to make it painful to hit a jump pole. In theory,  this makes horses lift their limbs higher. 
Under international rules, every horse competing in a CSI, CSIO and championship has  all four of its legs scanned for heat (ie, abnormal temperatures) with an infrared camera – known as thermography. If anything usunaula shows up the animal is then examined by two vets after the first horse inspection, or after the first competition.
Additionally, spot checks (thermography plus clinical examination) are carried out at stables. A horse showisn an abnormal reaction is banned from competition. 

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Irish Team for London 2012

A team of  67 sportsmen and women from 14 sports will represent Ireland at the London Olympics. 
* Modern pentathlete Arthur Lanigan-O'Keeffe received a late call-up to the team when a Polish competitor was withdrawn following a doping offence.  
* After an appeal to Athletics Ireland, Joanna Mills was named as a reserve on the 4x400m squad for London 2012, replacing Caitriona Cuddihy. Following an appeal, Caitriona Cuddihy, who although slower, is considered  more experienced,  was reinstated.
* By contrast, the appeal by three-time Irish road cycling champion,  Matt Brammeier, against his non-selection on the London 2012 team was rejected by the OCI on Monday July 9.  A three-man team of Nicolas Roche, Dan Martin and David McCann will compete in the road race. 
* Six Northern Irish athletes compete for Great Britain - three rowers plus a cyclist, hockey player and table tennis player; see below. 

Deirdre Ryan
Joanne Cuddihy, 400m
Derval O'Rourke, 100m Hurdles
Stephanie Reilly, 3000m Steeplechase
Fionnuala Britton, 10,000m
Laura Reynolds, 20km Walk
Olive  Loughnane, 20km  Walk
Deirdre Ryan, High Jump
Tori Pena, Pole Vault
Linda Byrne, Marathon
Ava Hutchinson, Marathon
Catriona Jennings, Marathon
4x400m: Joanne Cuddihy, Marian Heffernan, Claire Bergin, Michelle Carey. (Reserves - Jessie Barr, Caitriona Cuddihy)
Paul Hession, 200m
Ciaran O Lionaird, 1500m
Alistair Cragg, 5,000m
Rob Heffernan, 20km & 50km Walk
Brendan Boyce, 50k walk
Colin Griffin, 50k walk
Mark Kenneally, Marathon

Chloe Magee      Women's Singles
Scott Evans      Men's Singles

BOXING  (6) 
Paddy Barnes      49kg
Michael Conlan      52kg
John Joe Nevin      56Kg
Katie Taylor      60kg
Adam Nolan      69Kg
Darren O'Neill      75Kg

Slalom - 
Eoin Rheinisch,  K1
Hannah Craig,  K1 
Sprint - 
Andrej Jezierski,  C1 200m

Road race - Nicolas Roche, Dan Martin, David McCann
Track -  Martyn Irvine, omnium

Three-day event team:
Aoife Clarke - Master Crusoe (Owner: Lily White Syndicate)
Mark Kyle - Coolio (Owners: Ronnie Bartlett/Mark Kyle)
Joseph Murphy - Electric Cruise (Owners: Noel Good, Jill Andrews, A O'Callaghan)
Michael Ryan - Ballylynch Adventure (Owners: Carol and Tom Henry, Sheila Foley)
Camilla Speirs - Portersize Just a Jiff (Owners: Bridget andCamilla Speirs).
Showjumping (individuals):
Billy Twomey, Tinka's Serenade
Cian O'Connor, Blue Lloyd 
Reserve - Shane Sweetnam, Amaretto Darco 
Anna Merveldt, Coryolano

Kieran Behan, floor    

Lisa Kearney      48Kg

Natalya Coyle 
Arthur Lanigan-O’Keeffe   

Sanita Puspure,   Single Scull

Annalise Murphy ,  Laser Radial
James Espey,  Laser
Peter O'Leary,  Star Class
David Burrows,  Star Class
Ryan Seaton ,  49er
Matt McGovern,  49er
Ger Owens,  470
Scott Flanigan,  470

Derek Burnett ,  Olympic Trap

Barry Murphy,   100m breast stroke
Grainne Murphy,  800m freestyle
Sycerika McMahon, 100m breaststroke
Melanie Nocher, 100m backstroke, 200m backstroke

Aileen Morrison
Gavin Noble

Northern Ireland athletes competing for Team GB: 
Wendy Houvenaghel, track (individual, team pursuit)

Iain Lewers

Alan Campbell, single scull
Peter Chambers, lightweight four
Richard Chambers, lightweight four

Na Lui, women’s singles

Irish Paralympic Team of 49

A team of 49 Irish will compete at the London Paralympic Games in August. Inlcuded in the team are defending Paralympic champions, athletes Jason Smyth and Michael McKillop and five reigning world champions  - McGillop in the T37 800m and 1500m; Catherine O'Neill in the F51 discus, and cyclists Mark Rohan (TT and road race) and Colin Lynch (road TT) and the tandem pursuit  pairing of Catherine Walsh and Fran Meehan. 
For the first time ever Ireland will compete in shooting and rowing at a Paralympic Games.

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Showjumpers Lynch and Twomey for London 2012

Showjumpers  Billy Twomey and Denis Lynch  will represent Ireland at London 2012. Twomey was selected with Edwin and Sue Davies's mare Tinka's Serenade, while Lynch will ride Thomas Straumann's gelding Abbervail van het Dingeshof.
Ireland failed to qualify a show jumping team for London.
Still to be announced are the names of five eventers and  one dressage rider.