Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Rio '16: Eventing team begin epic journey to Deodora

Ireland's eventing team has begun the the task of getting five horses, their equipment and support staff to Brazil  Equestrian  to Rio.
The team finished finished fifth at the London Games of 2012 and the goal for 2016 is to win Ireland a medal  in eventing for the first time since equestrian sport became part of the Olympics in 1912.
Equestrian team leader Triona Connors has already arrived in Rio and  the team is currently in Waresley Park Stud, Cambridgeshire in the UK forfinal last minute training with dressage coach Ian Woodhead and show jumping coach Gerry Flynn.
Only after team vet Hugh Suffern has inspected all the horses and assured himself that they are fit to travel will they set off. Team farrier Nigel Perrott will also be in attendance ensuring all horses feet are in order. Eventing team manager Nick Turner and the five Irish grooms will leave for Rio from London Heathrow, to arrive at the Olympic venue before the horses arrive on Friday evening.
Tomorrow morning, 2.5 tonnes of equipment, feed and forage will be collected from Waresley Park Stud and transported to Stansted Airport where it will be loaded onto an Emirates cargo flight. All equipment is due to clear customs in Rio in time to make it to the equestrian venue in Deodora, Brazil before the horses arrive.
Nick Turner
On Friday at 7am, the horses leave Waresley Park for Heathrow where they will board the Olympic flight to Rio. Horses from other countries will also be on specifically chartered flight.The horses are due to land in Rio at 3.20pm local time on Friday.
Later that day at 5pm,  the five Irish squad riders fly from Heathrow airport to Frankfurt, connecting to Rio.
The eventing competition begins with dressage on Saturday August 6/Sunday August 7, with  the cross-country on Monday, August 8t and the show Jumping on Tuesday, August 9.
The Irish eventing team consists of: Clare Abbott with Europrince (ISH), a 2003 chestnut gelding; Jonty Evans with Cooley Rorke’s Drift (ISH), a  2006 gelding; Mark Kyle with Jemilla, (SHBGB). a 2006 bay mare andPadraig McCarthy with Simon Porloe (PZHK) a 2000 bay gelding.Travelling reserve is Camilla Speirs with Portersize Just A Jiff (ISH) a 2000 bay gelding.

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