Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Ticketing Scandal: Judge appointed

Another statement from the Olympic Council of Ireland's PR company

"The OCI welcomes the appointment of Judge Carroll Moran to lead the State inquiry into the distribution of tickets at the Rio Olympics and other related matters.  The OCI also notes the inquiry’s terms of reference.

"An international accountancy firm will be appointed before the weekend by the OCI to conduct a review of the ticketing arrangements for the Rio Games.

"Earlier this week a data security firm (Espion) was appointed by the OCI to secure, copy and seal the OCI server and all OCI electronic data.  All of the retrieved data will be reviewed by the soon to be appointed accountancy firm as part of its review. The findings of this review will be given to Judge Moran to be examined as part of his inquiry. 

"In media interviews today Mr Brendan Howlin T.D. stated that he was unsure if Article 32 of the OCI Articles of Association prevented the OCI from cooperating with the State inquiry. The OCI’s legal advice is that there is no impediment whatsoever to the OCI cooperating fully with the inquiry and it intends to do so."

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